Report: Members of Cowboys organization wonder whether Jason Garrett will be back


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Mar 18, 2019

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As the Cowboys continue to meet with coach Jason Garrett four full days after his departure was presumed to be a done deal, other members of the organization are wondering what the deal is.

Ed Werder of reports that “people inside the building have begun to wonder if Garrett is going to have a role with the 2020 Cowboys — whether as head coach or in another capacity.”

We’ve spitballed the notion that the series of meetings is about something other than ending the relationship. Maybe it’s as simple as owner Jerry Jones wanting to offer Garrett a plausible alternative that Garrett would potentially reject, allowing Jones to have a somewhat clearer conscience regarding the long-term relationship hitting the end of the road. Or maybe Jones truly wants Garrett to remain with the team.

The ultimate chaos scenario (which would be awesome) entails former Texans and Broncos coach Gary Kubiak joining the team as a co-head coach, with Garrett handling the day-to-day stuff and Kubiak being the big-picture leader of the team. (Yes, that’s inspired by the Dunder Mifflin Scranton co-manager scenario.) There’s no reason to think that’s a possibility, beyond the fact that the deafening silence suggests something is up.

Whatever the Cowboys are doing, the approach already is unconventional. Why not take it the rest of the way and do something completely nutty?