Report: NFLPA worried about opening camps in “hot spot” cities


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Training camps are scheduled to open in two weeks, but there’s plenty of uncertainty about the ability to safely do so.

Specifically, the NFLPA has concerns about opening in places where COVID-19 infection rates are highest.

Via to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, a union source made the reservations clear.

“We have one question that encapsulates it all: Does it make sense for the NFL to open up training camps in ‘hot spot’ cities right now?” the source said Tuesday.

The league is still considering contingencies (and is still working on reaching agreements with the NFLPA regarding health and safety and economics), but so far, the league has maintained that plans are to conduct a full schedule beginning on Sept. 10.

There was a report that the Dolphins have told players that “everything is up in the air,” and teams in areas hardest hit at the moment have to have the same concerns.

“We all want to play,” a high-ranking team official told Maske. “We all want to make this work. But there are some big issues in some places of the country. That can’t be ignored.”

With three teams in California, and that state just issuing new restrictions, the concern seems apparent. Coupled with high numbers in places including Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana, and record numbers in recent days in Florida, and a significant portion of the league is playing in places where players should have doubts.

Buccaneers left tackle Donovan Smith said last week that training camp “does not seem like a risk worth taking,” and he does not appear to be the only one.