Robert Saleh, Jets taking “bold” approach at cornerback

Broadway Joe

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Mar 19, 2019


Jets head coach Robert Saleh’s last job was running the defense for the 49ers and he did it well enough to help the team to Super Bowl LIV on his way to landing his current gig.

One of his biggest challenges with his current defense will be building a strong cornerback group. The Jets opted not to sign or trade for any veterans this offseason, which leaves them with a young collection of players without a track record of success at the professional level.

Saleh was asked at his Thursday press conference if he’d like to add someone with more experience to a crew that features four rookies, Bless Austin, Bryce Hall, and Javelin Guidry. Saleh didn’t sound like it was an imperative for the team.

“I’ve said it before, I think, the difference between player A and player Z in the entire league, I’m not talking about superstars, I’m not talking about the Aaron Donald’s of the world, they’re unique,” Saleh said. “But the difference between player A and player Z is minimal and the only thing that keeps player Z from becoming player A is an opportunity and reps. Let’s see what happens. Does it always happen? It doesn’t, but unless you’re willing to be bold enough to coach your tail off and to invest as much as you can into these young men and give them the opportunity to be seen, give them the opportunity to get reps, and give them the opportunity to get better, you’ll never know what you might find. So, that’s just the belief and the philosophy of not only our coaching staff but the entire organization and that’s something we’re committed to.”

The Jets have swung and missed with a number of free agents over the years. This year’s approach is at the other end of the spectrum and we’ll see if boldness winds up paying off for Saleh.