Robert Saleh: Zach Wilson is wired the way you want all players to be wired

Broadway Joe

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Mar 19, 2019

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Jets coach Robert Saleh is seeing everything he wants to see from rookie quarterback Zach Wilson.

Saleh said that Wilson’s offseason work has shown the competitiveness and desire to get better that are the hallmarks of great players.

“Zach loves ball, that’s one thing I’ve learned,” Saleh said, via ESPN. “He’s unflappable in the sense that he doesn’t care whether [it] went good or bad. He wants to know why it went good or bad. He wants to learn from it. He’s wired exactly the way you want all players to be wired. Now it’s a matter of getting as many reps as possible [in training camp].”

The Jets selected Wilson with the second overall pick in the draft and have not given him any competition for the starting job, with only James Morgan and Mike White backing him up. They’ve handed Wilson the leadership reins from Day One, and they like what they’re seeing.