Tarell Basham eager to experience winning team in move to Cowboys

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Mar 19, 2019
Denver Broncos v New York Jets

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After four years spent on losing teams with the Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets, defensive end Tarell Basham signed with the Dallas Cowboys this offseason in hopes of experiencing the opposite end of the NFL spectrum.

“I feel like I’ve done enough losing in my past,” Basham said to reporters on Thursday.

Basham went 4-12 during his first in the NFL with the Colts in 2017. He spent just one game with Indianapolis in 2018 before moving on to a Jets team that would also win just four games. A 7-9 year in 2019 was the banner season of his team with the Jets before the team cratered to a 2-14 record last year. It’s been since an 8-6 campaign during his final season at the University of Ohio that Basham was a part of a team that finished a season with a winning record.

Basham believes the Cowboys are the right fit to help change that.

“I couldn’t see a reason why not,” Basham said of his decision to sign a two-year deal with the Cowboys this offseason. “America’s Team. Publicity. Knowing that you have a better chance than most to go to the playoffs every year. Just knowing that the exposure and the ability that they have on this team, the explosiveness that they have on offense. I feel like it’s been a while since I played with a really explosive offense to compliment a really good defense. It just seemed like the best opportunity to come in and be successful.”

Basham played all 16 games last season for the Jets with nine starts. He set career-highs with 36 tackles, 3.5 sacks and 13 quarterback hits.

The Cowboys have already made a massive impression on Basham compared to his previous stops in the league.

“What’s crazy is I didn’t even know that the environment was what it was,” Basham said. “It didn’t feel like that while you were in it. But then you walk into a good one like this, and from the top down, from the head office to the equipment staff, we all expect to win in this building. And you can feel that. It’s the difference.”