Tottenham fans discuss possible protest during NFL games this season

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Mar 19, 2019
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Fans of Manchester United and Arsenal have made it known that they don’t want their NFL owners to continue to own their Premier League teams. Fans of Tottenham plan to use a pair of NFL games as a platform for protesting ownership of their club, even though there’s otherwise no NFL connection to their favorite soccer club.

According to Mike Keegan of the Daily Mail (via Sports Business Journal), Tottenham fans are considering protesting during the two NFL games that will be played later this year at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

The Spurs were part of the failed Super League breakaway, and the fans would be targeting team chairman Daniel Levy and ENIC, the majority shareholder in any protests.

The Falcons and Jets will play in the Hotspur stadium on October 10, and the Jaguars and Dolphins will square off there a week later.

The discussions to date have included non-violent protests, along with the possibility of halting both games. The latter is unlikely; although a match between Manchester United and Liverpool was postponed by a riot earlier this year, the NFL and the local authorities surely will be ready for whatever may happen.