Woody Johnson opts not to talk about Donald Trump

Broadway Joe

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Mar 19, 2019

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Jets owner Woody Johnson spent several years as the U.S. ambassador to Great Britain, after being appointed to that post by Donald Trump. Johnson secured the appointment by being an unabashed supporter of the former president.

Meeting with reporters on Wednesday for the first time since exiting government service, Johnson was asked about Trump’s persistent claim that he actually won the election last November.

“If we could stick to football questions that would be great,” Johnson told reporters, via DJ Bien-Aime II of the New York Daily News.

The press conference didn’t stick to football, however. Johnson was asked about the allegation that he made inappropriate comments during his time as an ambassador.

“All of those allegations were looked at by the highest levels of the State Department,” Johnson said. “The Office of Civil Rights conducted an extensive survey and all of the allegations and concluded that none of it was substantiated. None of it.”

The issue first came to light because of a 2020 report that recommended a more thorough review of the situation. It’s unclear whether that more thorough review ever occurred.